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Computer Support

This service encompasses computer repair,windows installation, maintenance and more! 

E-Services & Business Management

This service encompasses electronic services provided by PACRA, ZRA, ZPPA, NCC, and more!

Aster License Keys

Aster is a software that makes it possible for two or more people to use a single Windows PC independently.

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Affordable & Faster Webhosting Services

Hostziza offers affordable and faster webhosting services from as low as K27/month for single website hosting and from as low as K45/month for unlimited website hosting. Domain names (dot com, dot org, etc.) start from K195/per year and renews at K255/year for the following years.

Client Businesses Registered with PACRA


Limited companies


Business names

Blog Posts

Turn over tax – Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA)

What is turnover tax? This tax that is charged on gross sales/turn over (that is: earnings, income, revenue, takings, yield…
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Registering your Business with the National Council for Construction – NCC:

What is the National Council for Construction all about? The National Council for Construction (NCC) is a statutory body governed…
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How to Register a Business with ZPPA in Zambia

What is ZPPA (Zambia Public Procurement Authority)? ZPPA is a Government institution that is mandated to regulate public procurement of…
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How to Register a Private Limited Company with PACRA in Zambia

What is a private Limited Company? A private limited company, or LTD, is a type of privately held small business enterprise…
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How to Register a Business Name with PACRA in Zambia

What is a Business Name? A Business Name is a type of enterprise that is owned and run by one…
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